Naveena Naqvi

Naveena Naqvi is a social historian of early modern and modern South Asia. Her research interests include the Persianate world (ca. 13th-19th centuries), the history of political Islam and the history of Hindustani music. She did BA, MA and MPhil degrees in History at Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University before completing a PhD in South Asian History at UCLA. She will be joining the Department of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia as Assistant Professor of Persianate Islamic Cultures of South Asia in Fall 2019.

On the Dr. Malathy Singh Visiting Fellowship at Yale University:

The Singh Visiting Fellowship has afforded me three broad avenues for intellectual growth. First, my affiliation with the South Asia Council, where I participate in colloquia and workshops, has made it possible for me to join an exciting multidisciplinary research community here at Yale and has enabled me to engage with the work of a number of visiting scholars. Second, as a fellow, I develop and teach courses to Yale undergraduates, courses that I will be able to take with me during the next stage of my career. I believe that the teaching load of one course per term is ideal for someone fresh from graduate school who is looking to strengthen their teaching profile while pursuing plans to publish their work. Finally, the South Asia Research Group has offered me a collaborative space where I can engage with faculty as well as students working on South Asia in history-adjacent disciplines such as anthropology, religious studies, political science, art history and literature. In short, the Singh Visiting Fellowship has presented me with an ideal way to transition, intellectually and professionally,  into my future position at the University of British Columbia.